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Report Photo Exhibition Proyecto Ensamble 2016 in Santiago Chile

By December 16, 2016 Design, illustration, illustrator, vector art

About a week ago i’ve announced that the opening of the Exhibition Proyecto Ensamble would take place in Santiago Chile on dec 6th 2016. The Paper Toy project that features 35 Artists from various countries such as : Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Spain , USA, UK , France, Colombia, Russia… I was really happy to be included in the 2016 selection of international Artist that would work on the Mr Rabbit design.  Today i can share with you some photos taken by Sacha Finsterbusch M. ( co-creator of the project with Paula Zuñiga Garcés) . In this article you can discover some of the very creative and awesome designs designed for the occasion. The exhibition is running until the Dec 21th at Galería Campus Creativo. Chile.

I would like to say a big thanks to Sacha and Paula to including me in this 2016 edition and for their hard work in order to create this really creative and graphic project.

Here is a short video of the Exhibition : Proyecto Ensamble 2016

For those who want to learn a bit more about it please visit their website and social pages :




img_5231 Proyecto Ensamble paper toy Mr Rabbit img_5280 28 25 samble paper toy Mr Rabbit 41 36

Proyecto Ensamble paper toy Mr Rabbit ladislas chachignot Mr Rabbit - Proyecto Ensamble 2016

Proyecto Ensamble paper toy Mr Rabbit
ladislas chachignot Mr Rabbit – Proyecto Ensamble 2016

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ladislas-chachignot Mr Rabbit - Proyecto Ensamble 2016


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