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My name is Ladislas I’m French artist based in Barcelona.
I’m working both digitally and traditionally. In the paintings I’m creating my rich “Imaginarium” made of natural elements of all sorts: plants, animals, nature-inspired shapes as well as humans.

Through my paintings and images, I want people to see and feel the explosion of colors, the sense of flowing movement, the profusion of details, and the “life” that seems to emanate from my paintings.

There’s  a strong ecological dimension that is omnipresent throughout all my body of work.
The connexion of humans with Nature and the relationship between the two is at the core of the thematics I’m working on.

Talking about the human interconnection and interdependence of humankind with Nature

My work speaks of humans and how they connect and relate to nature.
I express my emotions of joy and uneasiness, my vision of modern society and what seems to me to be happening in it. The paintings i’m creating are direct visual transcriptions and creative reinterpretations of these feelings/visions through my imaginative scope.

I see a lot of beauty and diversity in nature, I see a treasure that only exists here on earth. I see that many people need that nature to feel good.

I also see imbalance values between the human species and the rest of the species and world on earth.
We have managed to control so much of our environment and empower ourselves as a species but at what cost.
So much power and we always want more but in the end it is not compatible with the resources we have on earth. Each person focused on their personal achievement, struggling to make a place for themselves and stand out.
More and more stress, high pace, speed in this modern age.

It seems to me that it creates a loss of connection with our real selves: Humankind is just one specie living along with other species on earth. But still, our specie is responsable of both great achievements and great disasters and we can see the consequences of this imbalance that we’re responsible of.
In some ways we put in danger some of the fragile ecosystems of the earth and there are very powerful signals that tell us that we have to change to continue living in harmony with it in the future.

It also seems to me that the digital era, which allows us to connect with each other ( and which has many advantages ) needs to be adapted to allow a more authentic and healthy connection.

That same digital era leaves us cut off from the real world, we sit in front of screens and we move away from the natural world which does not allow us to have awareness, connection and empathy with other species and with the natural world.

As a person, I am sad to see these imbalances and I can’t truly find my place in a society like this.
I feel we need change society’s values. I am willing to change and be part of a general change in the world to adapt and return to a better balance.
As an Artist, I believe I can show and transmit visually what I feel and share it with people in a different way through art. I want to help bring awareness, educate, and inspire people to reconnect with their “natural” essence, reconnect with the natural world and with themselves.

I believe that creation and paintings can be a great tool to inspire and make people dream, denouncing as well as celebrate. I want to be part of a positive change and do it through my artistic and creative vision.

How can we "humans", are able to reconnect with the natural world we're coming from?

In a super “fast-paced” and “24/7 connected” digital era,  I’m offering some moment of “visual strolls” where rules evaporate and time stops ticking.

Using my personal and poetic visual language, I’m inviting people to dive into surrealistic jungles and reconnect with the beauty and diversity of Nature.

I’m interested to work and collaborate with organizations, museums and brands that are sharing the same values for environmental preservation.
One of my main goal is to use my artistic vision+skills to spread this ecological message and act for a positive change.

Through the years, I had the pleasure to work for various clients like Adobe, PangeaSeedFoundation, VinylMoon, Good Karma Projects, Red Bull, Wired Magazine, BeAnArtist magazine, among others working in various fields including music/movie entertainment, education, clothing/apparel, magazines/editorials and more.

I was also selected to be part of the “Wacom Next Level” world tour exhibition and showcased my Art internationally.

If you’re sharing the same values for a more respectful and sustainable future, feel free to reach me by email for projects and enquiries at:


  • Los Angeles (USA) : 2014 – Hero Complex Gallery – Group Show + P&B festival Art show
  • London (ENG): 2015 – Curzon Cinema London – Group exhibition in collaboration with Lucasfilm/disney
  • Santiago (CH) : 2015 Campus Creativo – Group Show
  • Paris (FR) : 2016 – Salon d’Automne – Grand Palais – Digital Art category
  • Paris (FR) : 2016 – French Paper Art Gallery – Group Show – ArtBook release show.
  • Sao Paulo (BRA): 2017 – Group Show – Special event Movie release “Insidious: The Last Key”
    Sydney / Melbourne / Auckland (AUS + NZ) + New Delhi (IND) + Mexico (MEX) + Portland (USA) + London
    (UK) + Bangkok (TH) + Buenos Aires (ARG) : 2018 :  Wacom Next Level   exhibition – Group Show
  • Barcelona (ES) : 2019 – Group Show – “Tres” – Choko gallery club
  • PxP Contemporary – 2019 – Online Show – “Faces and Figures”
  • Artios Gallery – 2020 – Online Group show – “United Through Art”
  • Artvirus Mexico – 2020 – Online Group Show – Invit  special – “Artvirus virtual exhibition”
  • Lourmarin (FR) – 2020 – Festival D1G1tart – Group show
  • Sitges (ES) : 2020 – Group show – Drap’Art – “Recycl’Art Festival Sitges 2020”
  • Barcelona (ES) : 2020 – Group show – ZohArt gallery – “Metanoia”
  • Barcelona (ES) : 2020 – Group Show – ArtBox festival 1.0
  • Barcelona (ES) :2021 – Group show – Choko gallery club – “Reditus”
  • Saint-Riquier (FR) : 2022 – Group show – Curb + Conseil dpt de la Somme – Transition *Les Portes*
  • Barcelona (ES) : 2022 – Group show  – Poblenou Open Day 10th anniversary – Poblenou Urban District
  • Barcelona (ES) : 2022 – Solo show – Simbiosis – Imagin’cafe
  • BarcelonaBarcelona (ES) : 2022 – Group show – “Moss foundation” Deck Art show auction – Base Elements Gallery
  • Barcelona (ES) : 2022 – Group show – “Drap’Art22” festival de Arte sostenible de Cataluña – “El Borsi” (edificio neoclassico classificado).
  • Barcelona (ES) : 2022-23 – Private show – Group show – Nestlé global IT – NFT Art show – Hospitalet de Llobregat
  • London (UK) : 2023 – Sketch For Survival 23 – Explorers Against Extinction – group show – @oxo gallery
  • Edinburgh (UK) : 2023 – Sketch For Survival 23 – Explorers Against Extinction – group show – Dundas Street Gallery
  • Barcelona (ES) : 2024 – Group show – “Moss foundation” Deck Art show 2024 – Artevistas Gallery

Artbook publications

  • AlternativeMoviePoster collection 2017 ( Posterspy/Arttitude/Schiffer)
  • Salon d’Automne 2016 catalogue d’exposition
  • Artittude 4 2018 (Plan9 entertainment)
  • Stranger Things Tribute 2019 ( Monsa Publication)
  • When We Were Young 2020 ( Monsa Publication)
  • Best of the Best Artists 2021 – Magazine 43 (Blurbbooks)
  • SeaChange Artbook Volume 1 – A decade of ARTivism for the oceans – 2022
  • Transition Les Portes – 2022


  • Inspire Magazine (Taiwan)
  • Wired Magazine (UK)
  • Becreative (FR)
  • Advanced Creation (USA)
  • Photoshop Creative (UK)
  • Adobe Create Magazine (USA)
  • BeAnArtist (FR)