Digital Painting + Vector Art

This Project is a self-initiated project I’ve started in a specific period of presidential elections in France. This period was highly monopolized by medias and politics. So much dissension between the French people, upset by all the previous politics and more and more seduced by the extreme camps and ideologies.

 I’ve started this illustration to create something peaceful and positive. My goal was to share this peaceful image in the social media timeline and give people a window of calm and positivity in this time of trouble.
The main subject here is nature, patience and of course dream. It’s a kind of symbol for me that sometimes we need to disconnect from our oversaturated digital life and just enjoy simple things that we can see in nature. Things that have been there long before we appeared on earth. This simple pleasures can help us live better and can give us some inner peace.
I’ve done this illustration by combining digital painting in photoshop and vector elements in illustrator.

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