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Official Judge in the 2016 edition of the international design competition in ” Mobius Awards “

By November 25, 2016Design, illustration

I’ve been recently approached by the International creative design competition “Mobius Awards” to participate to the 2016 edition of the creative contest and judge entries of various works, from creatives and studios based all over the world.

You can discover the official website of the competition and learn more about it by clicking here :

I was very happy to accept this new mission and start this new opportunity . It was the 1st time for me to judge officially in a design competition. I was honored to be chosen by the Mobius team and accepted the challenge with a great pleasure. With my background and experience in visual communication , branding , and advertising, i’ve analyzed and commented about 60 entries in the contest.

Various categories such as , advertising , luxurious product, food & beverages , students entries, packaging, magazine, illustration, photography, among others were represented.

All i can say is that i was very impressed by some really creative and high quality contents. Some entries were stunning and i was exited to discover that the most part of the entries  proposed some high quality visuals and original concepts for the contest. The judging was not an easy task for me as i had a great deal of responsibility on my shoulder to pick the best entries and also giving some trustful notes to each contestant.

My part of the job is now done and i’m exited to see which entry will make the best impression and will win the award. The result might be announced in about a month i guess.

I’m happy and thankful i had this opportunity to put my graphic and communication skills at the service of this excellent creative competition that is established since 1971. I’ve been happy to put my brick to the wall of this institution.


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