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The richness of creativity and Art is that it’s a wide field where practices can interact and fuel each others . The line between illustration and Art is blurred and I decided to cross freely between those fields to keep experimenting and creative without limitations.

I’m super happy to invite you to have a look at the new website that I created to showcase all the Artworks that I’m creating as part of my Contemporary Art practice:


In this new body of work, I’m focusing on a Ecological message. I’m showing the interaction present between human being and nature. The way we change it , transform it , to fit our needs as well as our integration into it.

I’m inviting you to visit and discover the Paintings ( Mixed media of Acrylics / watercolor / markers and Spray paint ) I’m creating in parallel of my illustration work. All those paintings are available for sale ( for price inquiry and availability of each piece please contact via email on the website).

Here are a few images of the Artworks I’m presenting on this website.

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