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New Tutorials for Advanced Creation Photoshop HS N°42

I’m very happy to announce that the new Advanced Creation Photoshop HS N°42 features 2 of my tutorials in this issue. The magazine reached me a few months ago and asked me to write 2 tutorials about “Digital Painting” and posters. Advanced Creation Photoshop is one of the main French magazine specialized in Digital Art and retouching. I’m very happy of this feature and glad to share my tips and techniques about my Art in it.

In this issue i’m talking about how i’ve created step by step the Alternative poster of “Mad Max : Fury Road” . This is a 6 pages tutorial where i explain how i started and how to create this specific Artwork mixing Photoshop and Illustrator software to create hybrid and modern images. Through this exemple i’m talking about how to approach poster Art and alternative movie posters.

The second tutorial i’ve wrote for this issue is about mixing 2 different universes , ( 2 movies for exemple ) and create a “mashup” poster of them . For this tutorial i’ve chosen “The Simpsons” and the movie “Back To The Future 2”. This 6 pages articles details every step to create this Artwork + tips i’m using in the process to achieve this result.

If you’re interested in this topic , whish to learn to create Art with your computer or want to discover this new Artistic world, this might be a useful book to have in your collection. The magazine is available throught this website :

Hope you’ll find these tutorials useful in some ways.

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