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A few months ago I got selected to be part of a digital exhibition “Faces & Figures” curated by “PxP Contemporary” an online platform that connects collectors with high-quality affordable Artworks. ย This opportunity allowed me to have visibility and to get to the eyes of Adobe Create! magazineย ( a community and magazine that gravitating around the creation-Art world, and that propose ย articles, creative ressources, interviews and many more things about Art and the creation world.

I’m really happy I got invited by the magazine to participate to the “Studio Sunday interview” that is featuring Artists and creators from all over the world to share their experience and stories.


You can read the Article and interview on Adobe Create! magazine website by clicking on the link below :


Read the Studio Sunday Interview on Create! Magazine website

In the interview I’m talking about my story and how I started to work in the creative field / became an Artist.

I also replied to various questions such as :

  • How I got interested in Art and how it led me to the work I’m creating today ?
  • What are my inspirations ?
  • What is my process ?
  • What’s my favorite thing about being an Artist ?

I’m sharing my personal experience and influences that are shaping the Art I’m creating. I’m also sharing informations about my process and how I usually start my paintings, what are my influences and inspirations when I paint.

Read the Studio Sunday Interview on Create! Magazine website

You can read more ย “Studio Sunday” interviews by visiting Adobe Create! magazine on their website :

Adobe Create! Studio Sunday interviews

I recommend you to have a look at their website where you can find a lot of ressources about Art and creation. Many articles, podcasts, interviews and creative resources about different type of Artists and people working in the creative industry from all around the world.

Adobe Create! Magazine homepage

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