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New Interview For WACOM digital tablets

By March 16, 2016June 17th, 2022Design, digital painting, illustration, illustrator, vector art

Wacom is the world leader in professional Graphic tablets for creative people. I’ve been using their tablets for years now and i must say that these are a part of the thing i need to work digitally. I really like the way this works. I’ve owned several tablets through the years ( cintiqs only )

I really like to work on a screen and to be able to use touch strips and buttons that i can customize like i want and like i need , it makes the process of creating easier for me.

Wacom website features creative people and interview them about their work and graphic universe. I’m really happy that they selected me and interviewed me recently.

If you want to know more about these tablets and why i use them you can check the interview i’ve done for the “info-channel” part of the WACOM website. I’m talking about how i create , what is my path as an illustrator i talk about creation and show how i’ve organized my desk.

You can check the interview and article about my creations on this link : Read the Wacom creative interview here 

You can also check their official website here :

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