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Tráns-Ito 23 symposium

Tráns-Ito 23

Every year in Barcelona, an event that connects actors from different sectors of science, culture, art, and ecology takes place in Barcelona.
Organized by the Barcelona-based cultural organization”Plataforma Vertices”
The 4th edition of this 2-day ( Nov 15th/16th) symposium event aims to connect and help facilitate exchange and possible future collaborations between sectors that have a focus on sustainability and ocean preservation projects.

This 2023 edition took place in 3 places: Pailebot Santa Eulalia / Nautic faculty of Barcelona and the Marine Museum of Barcelona.

Credit Photo: D. Yriarte. Museu Marítim Barcelona.

I had the pleasure of being invited to the 2023 edition to do a presentation of my “Eco-surrealism” and “artivism” concepts. Communicating about ecology through a different approach that involves imagination, dreams, hope and visual arts.

During the event, I was asked to produce a digital painting based on a specific theme: “The colors of Mediterranea” which scientists and Plataforma Vertices wanted to highlight during the festival.

Recent research pointed out that the color of the oceans is progressively changing from “blue to green” as a result of human activities.

You can learn about this topic on this link:

Copyright – “Platarforma Vertices – Tráns-Ito 23”

During this 2 days event, I worked on an illustrated poster that could represent this unbalance in the aquatic ecosystems and some of the actions that are causing it.

I inspired myself with the “Hollywood movie posters” for the composition to denounce and play with a”sensational aspect” of the information. Treat this subject like a box office movie would do to impact people in another way when speaking about ecology and issues that are facing our oceans.

Here’s the final result of my digital painting created during the event:

Trans-Ito 2023 Let It Breathe – artwork poster – Ladislas