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To end this year I finally realized this project I wanted to create for a long time : Creating a first series of limited edition T-shirts and Tote Bags.

I searched for some specific materials and way to launch this line with a “sustainable” approach .

  • The first model of t-shirts is available in Arctic white color and is made of 100% recycled polyester ( t-shirt made with recycled plastic bottles).
  • The second type of t-shirt available in Ivory/beige is a 100% organic cotton.
  • The tote bags are 100% made of “bamboo fibers”.

Production :

  • In order to keep a more sustainable production “I produce these t-shirts myself ” with small stock of t-shirts that I order progressively and to be able to create them on demand.
    This is avoiding unnecessary “waste”.

I released a first serie of 2 designs :

  • Guardian Of The Seas
  • Keep Floatin’

Both of these models are available in white or ivory and in “full color” version of “Blue” version .

You can discover and purchase these t-shirts and totebags on my online shop on this link

Limited Edition T-shirt and Tote Bags Ladislas