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In December 2023, the ICM ( Instituto de Ciencias del Mar) of Barcelona reached me and invited me to be part of a group session that gathers professionals working in various fields of the Marine sector. Scientists, activists, educators, athletes, and different types of artists.
The goal of this reunion was to create a community that is mixing Art and science with a collaborative approach to create new narratives and speak to the public about ocean preservation and protection.
The community Blue Genes was born.

A first meeting to get to know each other and explore/define together the concept and the role of this community happened.

The first collaborative project that we would “co-create from scratch” was a satellite event of the United Nations “World Ocean Congress” 2024 proposed by the ICM-CSIC in collaboration with “Blue Wave Alliance” and Barcelona’s city council.

Blue Genes Retreat

The ICM invited the community for a 3-days retreat to exchange, brainstorm, and develop a final concept for this first event called:
“Enbluement: Connecting science and arts to expand our belonging to the ocean“.

At the end of this retreat, the community had decided on a final proposal of a collective and participative performance for the event.

Watch the creative process reel video I shared on social media for the “Enbluement” event.


The event is taking place on April 9th from 5 to 8pm
Address: Instituto de Ciencias del Mar
Passeig Marรญtim de la Barceloneta, 37-49.08003 Barcelona (Spain)

I hope to see more of these meaningful and collaborative co-creations in the future to find new ways to share our love for the oceans.