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Beteve TV, the official TV channel of Cataluña is hosting a special program called Plaza Tisner and has a section in it that is talking about “Cultura & Sostenibilitat” . This part of the program is presented by the journalist and cultural expert “Emma Quadrada“.

Emma is sharing the same values as I do regarding the protection of the environment and she’s actively using her skills and voice to spread this message to the world.

I’m honored that she proposed to me to dedicate one of her spotlight programs to me and present my work and activism mission on the Beteve TV set and channel.

Beteve TV program Art & sustainability – Emma Cuadrada – Ladislas

During the interview that she prepared, we had the opportunity to talk about the “eco-surrealism” style and identity that I’m using in order to deliver this ecological message through the medium of Art.

We also talked about how the digital era is not necessarily a threat and how we can combine digital tools and traditional ones in order to create new ways to communicate and deliver messages in an original way, using imagination, creativity, and symbolism in my paintings.

Emma also presented the Seachange: a decade of activism artbook project that I worked on in close collaboration with the Hawaii-based organization: “PangeaSeed foundation” with my friend “Alizée Capelier”.

Finally, a part of the program was dedicated to presenting the Drap’art festival (international festival of Art in Cataluña) which is visible in Barcelona until Dec 22nd).

I prepared a short teaser video taken from the original program ( only available in Catalan) that you can watch just below:

You can watch the full Plaza Tisner TV program on the website of Beteve on this link:
( cultura & Sostenibilitat starts at 42:10 to 57:38)