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The  UK Visual Art magazine “Tribe magazine” just showcased my designer Vinyl toys pieces in their new issue N°30 !

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“Tribe” is both a magazine and a creative media platform that showcase great design and Art projects from Artists all across the world.
I’ve always loved to customize a lot of stuff and these blank vinyl toys are great canvas. This month Tribe magazine showcase all my vinyl toys projects including:

-Pre-columbian serie ( 4 vinyl toys that looks like ancient idols ) My 1st serie of customized toys i’ve ever made
-“Dia de los muertos” custom Qee a mexican themed toys that i designed, using the particular graphic style of this traditional celebration day.
– Teddy trooper “Tatto maniac” a vinyl toys that i’ve done working on a vintage sailor look with tattoos .

Feel free to read this very cool magazine and look at my customized toys for free on this link :  READ TRIBE MAGAZINE N°30

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