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ArtBook publication : PosterSpy Alternative Movie Poster Collection

The news has been announced this weekend. The Art Book in collaboration with PosterSpy and Arttitude is now available in Pre-order . I’m really glad and honored to announce that i’m part of this great project that highlight the Art of Alternative Movie Poster world. This Book of 242 pages is presenting 58 Artists from all over the world that are contributing to this active and graphic movement. If you like movies , if you like creative illustrations, this is something really precious to have in your personal library , as it’s filled with very graphic and original Artworks, graphic tributes to many cult movies. A lot of diversity and richness in the Artworks, many styles represented, from minimalistic posters to very detailed ones. It’s a condensed summary of the visual movement that is growing years after years as more and more directors and actors support it and share versions of these Artworks on the web.I wanted to say thank you to Jack ( PosterSpy director) and Frédéric ( director of Arttitude books ) for including me in this cool project. The book is a limited edition of 1000 ex. You can pre-order it via the page of Arttitude or poster spy on Facebook :

Pre-order / Order the book Alternative Movie Poster collection

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The release date of the book is December 22th

List of the 58 artists featured in the Poster Spy Alternative movie poster collection book

List of the 58 artists featured in the Poster Spy Alternative movie poster collection book


PosterSpy X Arttitude/plan9 entertainment book cover

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