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That’s official , the Art Book in collaboration with PosterSpy and Arttitude is now available online and in specific retailers in Paris and London !

The Book is a limited edition of 1000 and features 242 pages of Artworks and illustrations about movies and Alternative posters illustrations. For the occasion the Parisian gallery French Paper Art Club Gallery hosted the Release Party on DEC 22th 2016 . 5 Artists included in the book were present for the occasion but another release party will be organized in London so more Artists will be present in London in 2017 for the second part of the release party :

Simon Caruso (Lyon)

Simon Delart (Paris)

Freya Betts ( Only UK illustrator that has been able to come for this opening ) : (London)

and Tsushinoko   : (Paris)

The opening was great and i was really happy to meet some peers active in the Alternative Movie scene, and hope there will be some future events that will reunite us again.

I would like to say thanks to those who were able to come to the opening , friends and strangers.

My photograph friend : Teddy Morellec ( ) came with 2 friends for the opening and took some pictures of the event. I’m posting here some of his shots of the opening at gallery French Paper Art Club

Join the pages of Poster Spy  and Arttitude to stay tuned of their latest releases.

Arttitude Facebook page

PosterSpy Facebook page

You can find the “Alternative Movie Poster collection” posterSpy book here :

French Paper Art Club ( Paris 3ème Arr – 51 rue Volta – metro temple)

La Fabrique – Balades Sonores ( Paris 9ème – 1&3 avenue Trudaine – metro anvers / barbes / cadet)

Forbidden Planet – ( Manchester UK – )

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