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I got selected to be part of the 2016 “Proyecto Ensamble” exhibition in Chili

Hey everyone, today i can announce something cool i was waiting for a while. I received this morning in my mailbox the message that i’m included in the “Proyecto Ensamble” 2016.

This is something i discovered via Behance Last year. The concept is simple and really cool : Each year Proyecto Ensemble team create/ design an animal head. This is created using the folding paper technique, that’s pretty complex but each year they’re coming back with a cool new model. When they have this, they basically invite Artists to customize them using their own style. Their project became more and more famous through years and attract designers and Illustrators from all over the world. Then they are selecting Artists to be part of the serie created and exhibited in Chili. This Year the paper head model is the “Mr Rabbit

I’m honored and more than happy to be selected this year. I’ve worked a few months ago on a personal version of the Rabbit head. I can’t wait to share it with you when the project will announce and post the visuals. Until then i’m inviting you to join theย “Proyecto Ensamble”ย Facebook page to discover the project and check out the video just above

Here is a link to their Facebook page :ย

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