Digital Painting + Vector Art

In this series of illustrated portraits “Citizens Of The Jungle”, the goal is to question about our place as humans in the world. We do concentrate more and more in the cities and progressively losing the connection between nature and or initial primitive “wildness” and “freedom” as we fall more and more on a “Digital and 24/7 connected” way of living.

These portraits are meant to present how we tweak and modify our world and modifying ourselves at the same time
It also represent our inner struggle to free ourselves from this connected world that is taking more and more space in our everyday life.
We live in a society where the information is bombarded in every minutes, adverts, social media, we could say that we’re all living in some kind of “Digital jungle”. 
The images are bold and saturated , they must appeal the eye and catch the viewer’s attention at all cost, almost like a “war of image” to win the favors of the consumer. Their goal is to impress us and create some “awe” moments of beauty and awesomeness but we tend to be .
In these graphic portraits are meant to be a kind of color mashup and experimentations” where we escape from reality and we find a kind of digital connection with nature and its diversity. The mission is to share through Art an ecological message by giving nature back its richness and complexity that never warned off but that us humans tend to forget too much these days. 

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