The Vase Of Faces sculpture

 Medium: Mixed Media sculpture

(Terracotta, epoxy resin, gesso, paper, aluminium, wool, spraypaint, acrylics, markers)

Size : 80X55cm / IN: 31,4 X 21,6

Year : 2023


The Vase Of Faces is a project that originally appeared in 2020 with a series of 3 digital paintings.
During the pandemic, I felt a need to connect again with nature and show how interdependent we are with it.
We come from it, and we’re sharing this blue planet with millions of other species. Human beings have shown in the last few hundred years a strong interest for innovation (which brought us great benefits in many areas ) and technology.
The digital era appeared not long ago and we were so focused on innovation that we isolated ourselves from the natural habitat we’re coming from.

Trying to evolve and control what’s surrounding us, and this point led us to focus mainly on our personal interests as humans. Shaping the world as we want, pressing it like a fruit to get as much juice as possible, no matter the collateral damages that can be done by behaving like this.

The « Vase Of Faces » is a visual and poetic tribute for a desperately needed reconnection with our natural habitat. With the help of symbolization, The piece transmit an environmental messages to the viewer and celebrate nature’s richness and diversity:

Each vase is like a « microbiome » plants or animals are living in it, human faces are represented like flowers in these bouquet compositions I imagined.

It’s a symbolization of our interdependency with nature. If we don’t take care of our surroundings, humans won’t flourish anymore and we might end up withering like dead flowers.
If we want to bloom, we have to make sure that our surrounding is blooming too. Symbiosis is the way we can keep us alive and continue to evolve as part of the world that created us.


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