SEACHANGE© : A decade of ARTivism for the Oceans.

Digital painting + Art direction

This project is the result of a 2 years collaboration with the Hawaï based organization “PangeaSeed“.

This Artbook is a 10 year retrospective of the “Sea Walls” program festival. It offers a selection of big-scale murals, illustrations and underwater photography that are were all created to highlight various topics about protection of the Oceans.

I worked closely with PangeaSeed Foundation and Alizée Capelier in order to curate and create this fine art book that is presenting how Art, science and culture can join efforts and contribute to create a positive change in our society.

  • Large format A3 full color page
  • +45 Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans public murals program
  • +35 illustrations and Sea Walls ocean themed illustrations
  • Limited edition of 2000
  • Delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Premium Double Die-cut slip case with metallic ink embossing
  • Hardcover with special selective UV Spot treatment
  • More than 100 Artists from all around the world

 Front and back cover art /chapters’ Illustrations / Double sleeve concept & design:

Ladislas Chachignot

Layout / Graphic Design :

Alizée Capelier

Art direction and editing :

Tre’ Packard , Ladislas Chachignot , Alizée Capelier, Akira Biondo

Deluxe double slipcase

Hardcover + UV spot ink + Silver embossing



Video presentation


The Artbook is separated into 7 chapters.

Each chapter is focused on presenting a selection of artworks (underwater photographies, mural art or illustrations) that are highlighting a specific issue that our oceans are facing.

A pattern illustration was created for each of these chapters.

Chapter 1 :Overfishing
Chapter 3 : Coastal Development
Chapter 5 : Biodiversity Loss
Chapter 7 : Intersectional Environmentalism
Chapter 2 : plastic pollution
Chapter 4 : Ocean Acidification
Chapter 6 : Warming Seas

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