Digital Painting + Vector Art


In this illustration serie that I’m doing, I’m confronting  human being  and its place alongside nature. See how we interact and are part of it and at the same time how we transform our world to fit to us.

I’m showing the ambivalence / ambiguity that lies in each human being, the 2 sides that are clashing and go in opposite directions within us:

  • The constant need to control, adapt our environment to our own needs without thinking of the consequences of these modifications.
  • In opposition to the need of peace and balance that we can find when connected with the natural environment. A kind of roots that we’ve rediscovered.

Through these images, he’s questioning our « place as humans in the world ».  We do concentrate more and more in the cities and progressively losing the connection between nature and or initial primitive “wildness” and “freedom” as we fall more and more on a “Digital and 24/7 connected” way of living.


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