Digital Painting + Vector Art

This Project is a tribute to the movie ” Water Mitty”   Directed by Ben Stiller, he’s also playing the main role in it.

I really enjoyed watching this movie so i wanted to make this graphic tribute to it. It’s an incredible adventure where Walter Mitty , a unknown guy that never did anything crazy in his life have to take some risks and go for an epic adventure through the world. Landscapes and music are very good, i recommend everyone to watch it.
 I’ve tried to works on soft colors and feeling of something “dreamy” as it fit well the mood of the movie i think. 
 Hope you guys will like it , and thanks for taking the time to visit this project !
I’ve done it mixing vector elements in illustrator and digital painting in photoshop.

Buy The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty poster ( Giclee print / Fine Art poster size: 18″X24″ / 45 X 61 cm )

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