Star Wars The Force Awakens dual poster serie “Light Side” / “Dark Side”

Digital Painting + Vector Art

I’ve always been a big Fan of Star Wars like many people , i used to dream of those great landscapes , aliens and great story when i was a child. The creative world of Star Wars is one of the richest graphic universe i’ve ever saw. But i never took the time to create an alternative poster about these episodes. When i heard about the new episodes , i told myself well not here is the opportunity to finally create something related to it ! I’ve waited for months and months until images and teaser were released . And then , when i though i had enough materials to see how this new episode would look i’ve thinked about a poster project .


My Finn poster “The Light Side” was shortlisted by the website “PosterSpy” in collaboration with “Lucasfilm” / “Disney” / “Wacom Europe” / “Curzon Cinema” & “BluePrint London” in the creative contest organized in London for the release of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” movie

If you want to see the 10 shortlisted Posters check out this link :

I’ve chosen to create a 2 poster project to create an opposition between 2 of the main characters ” Finn” and “Kylo Ren” that represent 2 sides of the force : “The jedi”/ Rebel Alliance & “The Sith / Galactic empire”. I’ve chosen to create some portraits of them with the same composition but with different colors . For the background i wanted something different from the classic landscape background. I’ve imagined what could be a kind of propaganda poster for the Rebel Alliance and for the Galactic Empire. I’ve created a graphic pattern which  represent and symbolize  the “Rebel Alliance” and Jedis. It is created only using curves and natural elements in opposition with the Dark side poster made with straight agressive geometric lines . i’ve also included 3 spaceships and 1 helmet representatives of the Rebel Alliance .

Buy The Light Side poster “Finn/Rebel Alliance” ( Giclee print / Fine Art poster size: 18″X24″ / 45 X 61 cm )

Buy The Light Side poster “Kylo Renn/Sith” ( Giclee print / Fine Art poster size: 18″X24″ / 45 X 61 cm )

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