Digital Painting + Vector Art

I’ve been approached by the French professional cosmetics / Make-up brand « Make Up For Ever » to help them create some Artistic and graphic images inspired by their official logo ( composed of a lip that holds a make-up brush ).

I was exited to work on this project because it was a special project. I had a great freedom to do what i wanted. And they really asked me to have fun designing them this Artistic version of the logo. They wanted the visual to reflect the universe of the cosmetics with colors and textures. I made some researches about powders, pigments and make-up products to inspire me and finally found some concepts for the images. I started to design the lips first: colorful, made of multiple brushstrokes . I mixed digital painting made in adobe photoshop and also added some vector shapes made in adobe illustrator.

My goal and purpose in this project was to confront 2 illustrations with the same graphic lip on it but with 2 different backgrounds. On the first illustration i wanted to create a kind of colorful explosion of colors. To reflect how make-up can put life into faces by extending their beauty.  On the second illustration i wanted to create a kind of graphic and design pattern made of several elements: This visual has been used for the new year period as a greeting card. I decided to include new years and X-mass elements into the pattern mixed with make-up elements like different types of brushes, eyeliners … Both of the illustration got the same focus on colors and energy.

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