Digital Painting + Vector Art

This Project is a graphic tribute to the movie ” Kong: Skull Island”   Directed by “Jordan Vogt-Roberts“.

I’ve created this project as an entry for the “Kong: Skull Island” contest organized by “PosterSpy” & “legendary”.

For this poster, my goal was to create a graphic composition with various “tribal symbols”. I was a bit influenced by Indiana Jones atmospheres. I wanted to build an image that has multiple plans: the burning jungle, the torches, the gorilla skull, the hills and mountains and Kong that is appearing through the colored mist and fog. The color is also an important element in my poster as I wanted to build a specific atmosphere that is presented in the trailers.

Buy “Kong: Skull Island” poster ( Giclee print / Fine Art poster size: 18″X24″ / 45 X 61 cm ) https://www.ladislasdesign.com/produit/kong-skull-island-alternative-movie-poster/

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