Digital Painting + Vector Art

I was approached by Wired Magazine to create a colorful portrait in the same style as my “Her” alternative poster / “The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty” poster.

I was instantly motivated and happy to be approached by a cool magazine like Wired Mag UK. For those who are curious about the magazine here is a link to their website :

They asked me to create a colorful portrait of Emiliana who’s a Science director at the Greater Good Science Center UC Berkley. I was happy to do so, i didn’t knew her but she was looking like a positive and wise person who’s acting actively to make this world a better one. I worked on this digital painting and tried to include happiness and joy as i was painting her portrait. I’ve used many colors and mixed them to achieve the portrait. I’ve also tried to include some mood and atmosphere to the image. You can see some images taken form my Behance profile and if you wish to see more about this feel free to visit the project over here:

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