Digital Painting + Vector Art

The concept of the Artwork is to create a multilayered composition : I wanted to represent the “double game” and “hidden side” of the nail salon that is the main venue in the serie. At first glance, it seems like a classical nail salon business, employees look glamorous and clean . But if you dig under the surface you start to see the other side of the business with much more adventure and bold and danger. To represent this I’ve painted hands that are scratching the poster and under the 1 layer with characters we can discover a bit of the 2nd hidden layers dealing with money and hustle to get rich. All this is shown by using bolder and saturated colors as well as patterns inspired by nail Art and girl makeup furniture + gangster jewelry.
This Artwork and digital painting has been fully hand drawn and then painted digitally using a graphic tablet and Adobe Photoshop + Adobe illustrator.
No photographic elements or photographic textures has been included in the illustration.

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