Digital Painting + Vector Art

This illustration has been commissioned by the French magazine “Ciné Story”. They wanted to feature on their cover an illustration of  “Blade Runner 2049”  Starring Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, and Directed by Denis Villeneuve, ( Prisoners, Arrival ).

The brief was to build an illustration that would feature two portraits of the main characters (Officer K played by Ryan Gosling & Rick Deckard played by Harrison Ford). I designed it like an Alternative movie poster.
 I wanted to keep this very special and “nightly” atmosphere of the original movie, that will be also present in the new one.
 A futuristic city that really contributed to the mood of the movie at the time. Also some neon signs and elements of the trailer. 
The Artwork is hand drawn using a graphic tablet and was created in adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator.

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Buy Blade Runner 2049 poster ( Giclee print / Fine Art poster size: 18″X24″ / 45 X 61 cm )