Digital Painting + Vector Art


This project is a pitch created for the vodka Brand “Absolut” . The task was to design a poster that would communicate and represent the celebration of Life & energy . The brand wanted the Artist to create an original poster that can adds up to the tradition of creative collaboration of the brand with Artists and designers.
This tradition started in 1985. The composition is always the same: The bottle or the shape of the bottle is placed in the middle of the layout. The Artist has to interpret it’s own vision of the brand while communicating on various subjects that the brand want to communicate.
also wanted to highlight and communicate on ecology and the efforts of the brand in this direction :
The goal of this creation was to find a graphic way to express and represent a sort explosion of life and energy. The shapes has to connect and mix altogether, and I used contrast of colors to achieve this and give some visual impact.
The overall sensation I wanted to include was to Give the viewer the sensation of movement, a kind of celebration of the “richness  and variety of the world”.


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