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New interview on is a website for creatives that is featuring a lot of creative contents, Art blog, interviews of various Artists from around the world, tutorials and reviews of Art materials… This website is filled with good content and is updated regularly with some new articles.

I’ve been invited to answer some questions about Art, my path as a creative and my paintings.


In this Article, I’m talking about various subjects like

  • Is attending an Art school important to pursue an Art career?
  • What are the most challenging things to deal with when you’re working as a professional Artist?
  • Some words about the Alternative Movie Poster community and the process to create my posters
  • The research of your own visual style
  • What’re my objectives through the creations of my Artworks?
  • And pieces of advice for beginner Artists.

You can check out this article on this link :



You can visit the website and Art blog on this link:



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