About Ladislas:


Hello there, I’m a Freelance Artist working as an Illustrator and digital Artist.

I’m a Self-taught Artist in illustration. I started by painting some  “Alternative movie Poster ” based on my favorite movies.

I’m quite obsessed by details, bold colors, portraits and all sorts of jungle, weird insects , basically all kind of craziness creation of nature. If you also think that Colors make everything much better, nice, we have a similar interest ( good thing to start a collaboration 🙂 ).

I also paint and draw traditionally to widen my skills and experiment.  I exhibited in various countries and cities like Paris / Los Angeles / London / Santiago / Sydney / Mexico or Barcelona.

I had the pleasure to work for various clients like Adobe, Make Up For Ever, Red Bull, Wired Magazine, Universal Music France, among others working in various fields including music/ movie entertainment, clothing/apparel, magazines/editorials, fashion and more.

If you’d like to talk with me about a project, you can reach me by email :



Discover my Paintings on canvas and Original/ Limited Edition Artworks