But what the heck is “Alternative Movie Posters” and “Fine Art Posters”?

Welcome on my website. I’ve created this page to explain and present the world of Poster Art to people. So if you’re interested in decorating your walls with images that you like, tributes to the movies you loved, that are inspiring you, you will probably have to enter the world of ” movie poster Art” and for those who don’t know this world it can be a bit confusing in the beginning.:

  • There are several prices,
  • Multiple sizes
  • Several types of posters.
  • But yeah, no one told me what is an “Alternative Movie Poster”?
  •  And what is a “Fine Art” print?

The mission to find your own personalized decoration for your wall or your office might be a bit tougher than what you would have imagined in the beginning. That’s not so easy to understands the ins and outs of this specific world. You won’t find Alternative movie posters at every corner of the street.

You won’t find Alternative movie posters at every corner of the street, so I’ve created this page to answer a few questions that people asked me in the past, I hope this Article will help you discover this visual universe and that i will introduce you to it in a simple way so you don’t get lost anymore when someone is talking to you about “Alternative Movie Posters“.


“Official Movie Posters”  & what we call “Alternative Movie Posters”

Alternative movie poster illustration by Ladislas
Left: The official poster of the movie “The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty” directed by “Ben Stiller”. Right: The Alternative version of the movie poster I’ve created, drew and painted.

  • Official Movie Posters:

    This is pretty simple, it’s the official movie poster that you saw when you went to see the movie at the cinema or when you buy the blu ray. Often the most famous image that you will see linked with the movie, you can find it in various places, online of course or in general stores. This image is used to represent the movie.

  • Alternative Movie Posters: 

    An Alternative Movie Poster, it’s also very simple it’s an alternative version of the movie poster. Nothing complicate until now. The specificity of these movie posters is that all these posters have been reimaginated / An Artistic reinterpretation of the movie poster made by an Artist. You can find Poster Artists all over the world. Each one has its own graphic style, visual signature. These posters are more rare and precious than the official posters. “Poster Artists” from all over the world are creating Artworks, sorts of illustrated Graphic tributes of cult movies or movies they enjoyed watching the most. These Artistic versions of posters are very often Illustrated, drew and painted on the computer using a graphic tablet (don’t worry it’s pretty simple, it’s the same as a classic painting on canvas of a traditional painter except that here, there is no real canvas, Artists are using digital brushes to paint of creative software like Adobe photoshop).

But what’s the point to do it digitally? Well there are several advantages of doing this :

  • Digital painting offers a brand new range of possibilities to the Artists: Painting effects, numbers of colors, the type of brushes… The list is long and digital allow Artists to really simplify the creation process. The digital era transform bit by bit the creative landscape but doesn’t replace the traditional painting, it’s just a new medium available. It can add and offer several things that traditional painting was not able to offer or that were too expensive to acquire for the Artists a few years ago. With the digital painting the Artist doesn’t have to buy and mix paintings together to create another color, he doesn’t have to wait for the painting to dry to make some retouching, if he made a mistake he can simply press 2 keys on the keyboard and he will be able to cancel his mistake. It also adds new visual effects that were not possible to achieve before. The digital medium is now the standard in all the professional creative field, and this is only the beginning, this field is young and relatively new.
  • For the Artist It’s much simpler, he doesn’t have to buy any paint, brushes, canvas and rent a place where he can paint.
  • For the buyer The price of the Artworks are cheaper because the Artist can offer Artistic prints of his paintings, more or less exclusive and limited, with superior quality: The Artistic talent remains the same as the technique is pretty similar to classic painting. It’s the execution technic that evolved to adapt to this new medium and new creation field. It allows more people to have access to Art with a more affordable price than traditional paintings would have cost.
  • This type of Movie Posters is more rare and original/exclusive than the classic movie poster print. Several movies have probably left a mark inside yourself, the movies have this special power to inspire us and make us feel strong emotions. The Alternative Movie poster in some way is able to traduce this Artistic dimension and emotion of the movie in an image.  It does not only decorate your walls with graphic, creative, and modern images, it’s also allowing you to take with you a bit of the atmosphere of the movie and keep it close to you. These are Graphic tributes to the movies that inspired us the most and that made us feel real emotions. The last advantage of these posters is that there are printed as “Fine Art” Prints. You’re gonna ask : But what is Fine Art print ? Well, i’m gonna explain this to you just above…


This term is referring to the quality of the print you’re gonna buy. Like the most part of the objects you buy, you can choose between several qualities available. The Alternative Movie Poster is not only more rare and original than the classic poster, it is very often printed with superior quality supplies: inks, paper, and printers.

This type of poster is realized by Artists and often sold by themselves or by Art galleries, these are Artworks, like traditional paintings. Both the Artist and/or the Art gallery have this obsession to maintain a high quality and best look for their product. In the poster print field, when we talk of high quality, we talk about printing processes that are allowing us to obtain a visual result, a precision of colors and a durability that is very important and precise. To fit these criteria you can find several printing methods. 2 of them are most used in the Alternative Movie Poster field:

– The Screen Printing technique :


The Screen printing technique has its own specific “type of look”, it’s different from the “visual look” of images printed by computers.  The screen printing technique that is allowing to print your image by superposition of multiple layers of colors. Not easy to understand I know but I’ve included 2 videos just below to explain how it’s working. The number of colors is limited because each color of the image has to be isolated from the original Artwork and printed separately. Gradients of colors are definitely not the best friend of Screen Printing. The good point is that you can feel the thickness of the layer of painting, you must pick yourself the colors you want to include in the print, it’s a bit more “crafted” technique, it can be done manually or by an automatic machine.

Screen Printing presentation : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzsouSkJE-w

– The Giclee Fine Art print :


This printing technique is pretty different from the Screen print technique, it’s much more modern and allow the image to benefit from the latest innovations in the printing field. It might be not as glamorous as the screen printing technique BUT in the end the result and quality is definitely there.  The printer that will print the image is a specific one and it doesn’t contain 4 classic cartridges but 8 or more!  This is allowing to reproduce a huge panel of colors and shades. This type of prints allows to get a huge precision/ crispness in the colors and shapes of the image.  To print these images the supplies used are very high quality inks ( Ultrachrome K3) that has this special extended durability in time (much more than the classic prints in the market) up to 100 years! Giclee print has various advantages :

  • Archival inks:  The giclee printing technique is allowing to reproduce much more tints and colors than the screen printing method, the precision in the colors is allowing to maintain a final image that is very close to the Artwork created virtually by the Artist. The quality is so good that museums often print copies of the Artworks presented in their exhibitions and sell them to clients.
  • Papier d’Art : The fine Art poster is also defined by the paper associated with the inks and the printer. The papers used for these prints are “Art Paper” . A superior paper that is allowing the ink to be well impregnated without drooling and that will guarantee a huge durability compared to the classic posters that you can find in the market. You can choose between several types of papers, with various thickness, texture, color and weight. All these elements are contributing to give the print a status of Artistic print because of its special high quality.
  • Art printers: Then, The printer is the last element of the recipe to have this high-quality print. It must be surpassing the most part of the other printers in quality and in precision. Many years of research have been dedicated to finding some ways to increase the quality of the prints and allowing prints to be as vivid, saturated and precise as they look on screens or as originals. You can’t find these specific printers at your local printer shop.

The other additional options :

There are more variables that you can find in the Poster world and that can affect the price of these Fine Art Prints :

  • The poster size : Usually you can find multiple sizes and “aspect ratio” of image ( the relation between height and width of an image, some image are panoramic ones, other are more classic with a rectangle proportions, I won’t go too much into this topic it would take an article by itself) and it depends of the Artist or store that is selling your prints. There are standard sizes for Alternative Movie Posters” usually 18″X24″ (inches) which is a size that is the most common in “Poster Art” field.
  • Limited Edition or Open Edition: The Artist can choose to release only a limited quantity of posters with an Artwork. The poster is numbered and signed by the Artist to attest its authenticity. It’s a way to increase the value of the poster as once it’s sold out you can’t buy anymore the poster, it won’t be printed in the future ( unless a buyer is deciding to sell his print on the internet for example).
  • Signed print:  Even if the Print is not a limited edition the Artist can sign the print to give it more value. All these options can increase the value of the poster.

As a final note about this topic of printing technique, I would like to underline the fact that there are no good or bad option between these 2 printing techniques presented. Both of them have huge advantages and it really depends on the style of the Artwork and the Artist choice. Something with a limited palette of colors will look fabulous as a Screen Print. If the Artwork is containing a lot of colors it’s much more advisable to print it as a Fine Art Giclee” that will be the only one which will be able to have rich and complex colors with gradients. It’s up to the Artist visual style really.

Do you see more clearly now?

I hope this article was useful in some ways. You should be capable of diving into this “Poster Art” and “Alternative Movie Poster” world more easily now. The community of creatives involved in this type of Art is worldwide. There are various styles in it that you can discover, and if you liked a movie there’s a big chance that someone on earth created an Alternative Movie Poster of it. However, some Artists don’t always offer these posters to buy. Sometimes you’ll have to reach the Artist directly to know if there’s a way to order a print of its Artwork. Usually, the Artist will be happy to reply to your demand and will indicate you a place where you can purchase the poster if it’s available. Also, it’s good to know that every Artist is fixing its price, you can see variable prices depending on the Artist, it’s also related to the time needed to achieve the Artwork, the complexity of it. ( or if he uploaded it on a website specialized in poster Art the website fixed a price range decided by the website).

My Alternative Movie Posters:

For all those you might be interested or curious, I’m inviting you to discover my illustrated Alternative movie posters on my shop.

My posters are Fine Art prints of multiple movies that inspired me and that loved watching. All of these posters are illustrations, I drew them and painted them digitally. There’s a huge difference between classic photographic movie posters and illustrated ones because the time to create these is much bigger it is also more Artistic and rare. I don’t use any photographic element in my posters, neither photographic textures. Everything is created with brushstrokes and drew by me. This point is taking me more time than it would create a photo montage but it would not have the same visual impact. If you’re interested in my process you can visit my portfolio I’ve included some details about how I’m creating these images:

Link: http://www.ladislasdesign.com/portfolio/

Here are a few more specificities of my Poster prints :


  • Fine Art Poster:  printed on Fine Art/acid-free Art paper, museum quality.
  • 2 sizes available : 18″X24″ or 12″X16″
  • Matte finish: To avoid reflects but it really keeps the saturation and richness of colors.
  • Open Edition: My posters are Open editions( not numbered). I’ve chosen to do this because it’s much easier for me to do it this way, otherwise, it would be more expensive to ship my posters worldwide. If you wish me to sign a poster I can definitely do it ( you’ll have to send me an email PRIOR to order the print of my website). I’m asking for a 10€ extra charge to cover the amount of additional shipping cost ( I’m receiving it at home first and will send it back to you myself when signed).

Discover my Alternative Movie Posters prints here:


If you have comments about this article or about my Art please reach me by filling the form on the contact page of my website ( it’s up there at the top of my website ).